Tile Advertorial

Buy Type

  • CPM
  • CPC


  • REA – Buy, Rent, Sold & Find an Agent – Homepages


  • Dimensions / Size
    Image: 130x95px, 20kb max file size
    Static Gif
  • Creative execution
    Logo: 25x25ox, 5kb, Transparent Background, Static Gif (optional)
    Heading: 18 Characters
    Copy: 1 Paragraph  with 100 characters max.
    Link: 2 links with 18 Characters each max.
    URL: 1 main link for Image, Logo and Title plus 2 supporting links

Ad Serving

  • Third party serving not allowed.
  • Pixel tracking is permitted

Notes on design & text:

  • Text supplied cannot be all in capitals with the exception of capitalised brand names eg: ANZ
  • Title case in heading is allowed but this will reduce the character limit to 15 characters.
  • Character counts include spaces
  • Creative must identify the advertiser. If a logo is not supplied, an indication of the advertiser should be present in the title, copy, image or link.
  • Advertorials running in the BUY section of realestate.com.au cannot contain the following phrases in their message or links: “mortgage calculator”, “home loan calculator”, “mortgage repayment calculator” or “how much can I borrow?”
  • Animation is not permitted

For CPC campaigns REA Media requires that the creative/message is regularly refreshed in order to maintain optimal campaign performance.

For CPM campaigns REA Media recommends a minimum of two (2) creatives/messages in order to optimise performance effectively.

Please allow 3 days for creative lead-time.