Premium Advertorial

Buy Type

Sponsorship only (State Buy only)


New Homes – New Apartments, House & Land, Home Design and New Land Estate

Ad Serving

  • Third party serving is not allowed
  • Click tracking is permitted

Creative Specs

  • Heading: 50 characters max
  • Copy: 60 characters max
  • Website url
    • 4 x Gallery Images
    • 563 X 380px each
    • 60Kb max
  • Logo:
    • 77 X 56px
    • 10Kb max

Notes on Design

  • Static imagery only
  • Gallery images are not to include any written text, they are images only
  • Character counts include spaces
  • Creative must include a brand mark of the advertiser or project

The creative and template is to be supplied no later than 7 working days before live date