Floor Ad

Buy Type

  • Sponsorship nationally or state depending on placement.


  • Buy – Rent – Share:
    • 2 flights per week
    • 1 flight per weekend
  • New Homes:
    • 2 flights per state per week
    • 1 flight per weekend
  • Home Ideas:
    • 2 flights per week
    • 1 flight per weekend


  • Collapsed Size: 100% width x 97px high
  • Expanded Size: 100% width x 262px high
  • Weight: 300Kb maximum for the exported file (.swf)
  • Flash: ActionScript 2 or 3 / export up to Flash Player V10.3
  • Video: flv, f4v (max 2.2mb)
  • Audio: User initiated (button)
  • Close button is required and must be clearly visible on collapsed and expanded panel
  • 3rd Party Serving: Not available
  • As Floor Ads require a special template, please download one of the appropriate template pack below:
  • Both packs contain the non-video and video Flash files as well as instructions.

Template Instruction:

  • Settings: The settings layer allows you to control standard features. These are: expand height, auto expand duration etc. In the advanced settings there are more options like panel offset. The template is already set according to publishers specs.
  • Floor Ad flash template: The ‘floor’ consists of three parts, to cover all resolutions. Please create the animation in the layers ‘content’ or ‘other content’. ‘Other content’ is used when multiple buttons or clicks are needed. In this layer there is no clicktag inserted. Use transparent backgrounds if needed but make sure that only the visible MC’s are clickable. Sound is always with a separate button.
  • Testing and support: When design is finished please send the finalised SWF to the Media Coordinator looking after your campaign.

Design Guidelines:

  • Creative must not aim to look like site content such as editorial or search results listings; As such, creative that uses components that are similar in look to REA site content, such as the same image sizes, button styles, etc may be rejected.
  • For times when the user’s browsers does not support creative functionality (i.e. Flash) please supply a backup image in JPG or GIF.
  • If the banner background colour is white and/or does not fill the entire space, please include a one pixel border of HEX Web Colour #CCCCCC.
  • Creative must include a brand mark of the advertiser.
  • Creative running in the BUY section must not contain the following phrases in their message or links – “mortgage calculator”, “home loan calculator”, “mortgage repayment calculator” or “how much can I borrow?”.
  • Creative must be of quality i.e. acceptable image resolution and professional design standards.
  • realestate.com.au reserves the right to remove or request amends to any creative which is deemed unsuitable for the site.

Please allow 5 days for creative lead-time.