Email Alert Strip

Buy Type

  • Sponsorship


  • REA Email Alerts
  • RCA Email Alerts


  • REA: Image: 472 x 114px, 20kb max file size
  • RCA: Image: 630 x 100px, 20kb max file size
  • Static GIF or JPG applies

Ad Serving

  • Third party serving not allowed

Notes on design:

  • Creative must not aim to look like site content such as editorial or search results listings; As such, creative that uses components that are similar in look to REA site content, such as the same image sizes, button styles, etc may be rejected.
  • If banner background colour is white and/or does not fill the entire space, please include a one pixel border of HEX Web Colour #CCCCCC.
  • Creative must include a brand mark of the advertiser or project.
  • Animation is not available.

Please allow 3 days for creative lead-time.